6 Pack Bike Bag

Date Published: 11/07/2013 2:01 AM

6 Pack Bike Bag Enlarge Image

The 6 pack bike bag is a small bag that you can drape over and attach to the middle of your bike so that you can carry 6 beverages at once. No longer will you be riding your bike and after 2 pedal rotations both the beers are smashed on the ground from your pockets, with the beverage holding bike bag your beers are as safe as coke on hooker and you will arrive at your destination as drunk as 6 beers can get you (7 if you leave with one already in your hand). The 6 pack bike bag is made from waterproof canvas and velcro, can carry up to 6 beverages, and measures 26cm x 29cm x 18cm when laid flat.

6 Pack Bike Bag 6 Pack Bike Bag 6 Pack Bike Bag 6 Pack Bike Bag

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