World Clock Barrel

Date Published: 05/23/2014 3:25 AM

World Clock Barrel Enlarge Image

The Waals World Time Clock is a small barrel shaped clock that can be turned to display the time of any timezone in the world, except for those stupid countries that have those half time-zones where it is 30 or 45 minutes different like Burma and Nepal. The barrel features a clock with 12 sides with two city's names on each side, so that whenever that city is pointed towards the top, that is the time in that timezone either AM or PM. The world clock barrel is made in Holland from plastic, steel, and glass, uses a Quartz Seiko Japan movement type, and is perfect for the desk at the office for everyone to come by and compliment you on and notice how hip and cool you are now that you can tell them what time it currently is in Hong Kong.

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