WEZEL: Leather Wallet and Phone Stand

Date Published: 05/12/2014 5:49 AM

WEZEL: Leather Wallet and Phone Stand Enlarge Image

The Wezel, aptly named by combining wallet and easel, plus something to do with a weasel, is a quality leather wallet that was made by a guy with a tremendous looking beard which doubles as a stand for your smart phone so you can watch Netflix while you poop by just setting it up on the counter in front of you, and if you don't have a counter in front of your toilet... That's not a life worth living. Stop getting scoliosis by sitting on George Costanza's wallet all day, the Wezel wallet will hold only the things you need, along with a little cash, and slips ever so comfortably into your back pocket. The Wezel wallet / phone stand is still in a funding phase on Kickstarter, so go reserve yours now, and be sure to check out the Wezel wallet in action via the hilariously awesome video below.

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