Thumb Saver Holds Your Nails While You Hammer

Date Published: 06/12/2014 2:01 AM (Updated: 03/19/2019 8:17 AM)

Thumb Saver Holds Your Nails While You Hammer Enlarge Image

The Thumb Saver is a magnetic device that will pick up and hold your nail for you while you hammer so that you you won't bash your thumb in with your terrible hammer aiming skills. No longer will you need to peel your black crusty fingernail from your grubby sausage finger once your finger starts to rot from smashing it with a hammer weeks before. Just start using the Thumb Saver and it will quite literally save your thumb from another savage beating. Your thumbs think you should stop drinking and hammering, it's hard on them.

When you purchase the ThumbSaver you get 2 ThumbSavers, a large one for larger nails that you can use to hammer nails into wood, and a small one for the wife to hang her paintings of fruit and flowers on the walls, plus it will go perfectly with the Magnetic Nail Holding Wristband.

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