This Is Spinal Tape

Date Published: 01/24/2014 5:54 AM

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This is spinal tape is a roll of tape that has an image of a spine on it, and is really only funny if someone asks you "What is that?", you can then respond with "This is Spinal Tape", so basically the only reason you would use this tape is to tell people what it is, otherwise it seems like this is just some tape with a spine on it. If the joke recipient has never seen the movie 'This Is Sinal Tap', the joke would then be ruined even further, and now you are just stuck with some weird looking tape that no one wants to use. The spinal tape is 1.87 inches in width, and has a total length of 25 meters of tape (or 2,475 vertebrae). Obligatory joke about blah, blah, something going to 11.

Spinal Tap Tape Spinal Tap Tape Spinal Tap Tape

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