Tactical Manticuda Knife

Date Published: 08/13/2013 2:01 AM

Tactical Manticuda Knife Enlarge Image

The Manticuda Knife is a tactical knife that you basically hold like a gun while you are doing your stabbings. Designed by a former marine, the Manticuda knife is sure to end the life of whatever you point it at, and wil make all the bad things in your life go away. The fixed, steel, 90 degree handle lets you put your full force into the carcass so that you can harvest the body quickly and precisely, so that you don't damage those sweet, sweet organs. You wouldn't want the ceremony to be ruined before you hang human organs from your ceiling while you're covered with butter milk and have women's panties over your face. The manticuda knife will be your friend when no one else will, and will be your lover when no woman will have you, and the manticuda knife will never betray you, which is why it comes with a 5 year warranty. Check out the Manticuda knife in action via the video below.

Tactical Manticuda Knife 1 Tactical Manticuda Knife 2

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