Sword Fly Swatter

Date Published: 02/11/2014 10:22 AM

Sword Fly Swatter Enlarge Image

Sometimes the greatest inventions are the simplest, take for example the sword fly swatter, which is basically a fly swatter that is shaped like a sword equppied with a true handguard incase the flies decide to fight back. No longer will you have to be bored with your fly swatting duties, pretend you are Peter Pan and the lost boys battling the lord of the flies. Probably a little more efficient at killing flies than the makeshift stick sword, the fly swatter sword is made from plastic, is available in red, green, or blue, and measures 53.3cm x 11.6cm x 9.2cm. Don't let the bugs ruin a perfectly good picnic in the park, even if you are by yourself, naked, harassing children.

Fly Swatter Sword Fly Swatter Sword Fly Swatter Sword Fly Swatter Sword

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