Sunnyside Egg Mold

Date Published: 08/26/2013 10:01 AM

Sunnyside Egg Mold Enlarge Image

The sunnyside egg mold is a silicone egg shaper that makes your eggs resemble a cloud and a sun, and is sure to brighten up your otherwise depressing, suicidal thought filled day. The way it works is you put the egg whites in the large area, and then put the egg yolk in the sun area, and if you coudn't figure that out, you probably shouldn't be making eggs. The sunnyside egg mold is made from silicone, has a max temperature of 280 degress celcius, and measures 13.8 x 11 x 2.4 centimeters.

Sunnyside Egg Mold 1 Sunnyside Egg Mold 2 Sunnyside Egg Mold 3

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