Secret Deodorant Body Spray Can Hidden Flask

By Ryan on 02/19/2016 7:09 AM

Secret Deodorant Body Spray Can Hidden Flask

This secret flask looks like a can of body sprays so that you can sneak in your booze to sports stadiums, music festivals, concerts, and funerals. People will just see that you're carrying around a canister of body spray and assume you're a total douche who smells bad and be on there way. Meanwhile you'll be off in the corner of the funeral parlor unscrewing the cap to get a swig of that sweet nectar of the gods. The canister is made to look like a body spray called LYNX which is the UK version of Axe body spray. Plus it looks extremely realistic, so no one will be the wiser.

The secret body spray flask is made from drinking grade aluminum, whereas the top is molded from plastic and has all the details of the original body spray can. The body spray flask can hold up to 8 oz of liquid, and is a perfect gift idea for any boozer who also seems to love body spray.

Secret Deodorant Body Spray Flask

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