Really Shit Coffee Is Coffee That Tastes Like Absolute Shit

Date Published: 12/15/2015 9:28 AM

Really Shit Coffee Is Coffee That Tastes Like Absolute Shit Enlarge Image

If you're looking for a creamy, rich, and delicious blend of coffee, you've come to wrong place. Really Shit Coffee is a bag of coffee that essentially tastes like absolute shit, and is pretty much the worst tasting coffee the creator of the bag could find. A perfect gift idea for the coffee snob we all know, for the mother in-law, or just someone you really dislike, this really shitty bag of coffee is not just a prank label with good tasting coffee inside, it really is terrible tasting, and probably the worst thing you'll ever taste. One reviewer of the shitty coffee mentions that it smells like wet wood, another says he replaced his work coffee with it and the result was amazing.

The creator of the Really Shit Coffee blend searched far and wide for the most terrible tasting coffee, and is sold for $9.99 per bag with free shipping. Also to note, the really shitty coffee is certainly edible and you won't die if you drink it, but your taste buds will certainly wish you had.

Really Shitty Coffee

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