You Can Now Enjoy Pull-Apart Cheese Bread That's Ready In Just 15 Minutes

By Ryan on 10/18/2019 11:55 AM

You Can Now Enjoy Pull-Apart Cheese Bread That's Ready In Just 15 Minutes

Who doesn't love a good cheesy pull apart bread? It's made of cheese and carbs, the two things that make food most delicious. And while it may not be hard to make pull apart bread, Tipiak is making it even easier for you with this premade pull apart loaf that is ready to enjoy in just fifteen minutes. Yes...pull apart breads are generally made to be shared, but this one is so good you'll be swatting away those pesky friends who are wanting to get in on this gooey goodness. That must be why the pack comes with two loaves - one for you and one for everyone else.

The maker of this bread, Tipiak, is a French company and since the French are known for their baguettes and fromage you know this is going to be de-licious! This crusty bread is cut into 52 pieces and every slice, nook, and cranny is filled with a combination of brie, Emmental, and mozzarella cheese (sorry did I just get drool all over you?). 

Pull Apart Cheese Bread

Now go pre-heat your oven, get to the store, and prepare for the best night in stuffing your face with this delicious cheesy bread. If you need to make things fancy change out of your sweatpants and pour yourself a nice glass of French wine too.

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