Modern Glass 2 in 1 Bowl

Date Published: 07/29/2013 2:02 PM

Modern Glass 2 in 1 Bowl Enlarge Image

The 2 in 1 bowl is a modern glass bowl that has an inside bowl to hold stuff and a little bowl on top to hold discarded extras from the food that was in the inside bowl. Now I could tell you, your mother could tell you, and your doctor could tell you that the inside bowl should just be for nuts, fruit, vegetables, or something healthy, but we all know that you will stick candy in there, and use the outside bowl to hold the wrappers, until the wrappers eventually gather with such a force that they eventually fall into the inside bowl, because getting off the couch to throw away wrappers is probably the hardest task known to the human race.

The modern glass 2 in 1 bowl measures 21 centimeters in diameter and is a great unique gift idea for grandma, because you can only get her so many clocks.

Modern Glass 2 in 1 Bowl

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