Lego Slippers

Date Published: 09/12/2013 2:01 AM

Lego Slippers Enlarge Image

Nobody likes stepping on legos, they are probably the sharpest toys in the world that parents are ok with letting their infant children play with. Usually a toy that sharp would cause every parent in America to sue Obama. The lego slippers are slippers that are shaped like legos, so that you can have the best of both worlds, you can let your ugly children play with legos all they want, and you can have slippers shaped like legos to protect your feet from said legos. The lego slippers are made of 100% polyester, come in red and blue colors, and fit most normal sized feet. Unfortunately, if you do purchase more than one pair of the lego slippers they will not connect to one another.

Lego Slippers 1 Lego Slippers 2

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