Ice Cube Tube Tray

Date Published: 07/15/2013 2:02 PM

Ice Cube Tube Tray Enlarge Image

The Ice Cube Tube is an enhancement to your run-of-the-mill ice cube tray where as it lets you fill it up easily by just filling up a tube full of water under the sink, inserting the divider, sealing the tube, and then throwing it into the freezer, not having to worry about water spilling and leaking all over the freezer. No more spilling water gushing water all over your shirt evertime you want to fill up an ice cube tray being as you were holding it at the wrong angle. No more spilling water on the floor, slipping, and cracking your head open every time you walk a tray of ice to the freezer. To take the ice out of the tube, just smash it against the side of the counter or a table to get the ice loosened up a bit, and then the ice will easily fall out as you slide the tube open. The Ice Cube Tube is in the works of being created and the price is still to be determined.

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