Hummingbird Corkscrew Wine Opener

Date Published: 09/17/2013 2:02 PM

Hummingbird Corkscrew Wine Opener Enlarge Image

Imagine a hummingbird gracefully and eloquently gracing you with it's presence, then softly it flutters over to your bottle of wine your about to drink, and while perching on the top of it, it sticks its little needle nose into the wine cork to try to get a little drink. You then walk over to the bottle of the wine, grab one of the hummingbirds wings in each hand, and rip them downwards until the cork pops out of the bottle. You have just opened your fist bottle of wine with the hummingbird corkscew. The hummingbird corkscrew is still in the funding phase on Kickstarter, but if it were to come to fruition, this wine bottle opener is sure to brighten your otherwise depressing life of solitude. Check out the hummingbird corkscrew in action via the video below.

Hummingbird Corkscrew Hummingbird Corkscrew Hummingbird Corkscrew

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