Hammer Bottle Opener

Date Published: 11/25/2013 6:09 AM

Hammer Bottle Opener Enlarge Image

You're a man, we all know it, just look at you pounding those pins into the wall to hang those flower paintings up wherever your wife tells you to. Men get thirsty when they are doing this kind of manly work. Now if only there was a way to quickly crack a brew open without distracting you from your important manly work so you can get your chore list done before your wife comes home and nags at you. The hammer bottle opener is a hammer that has a bottle opener on the prying end of it so that you never have to put down your tools to open your beer. Just be sure not to drink too many beers, you can't be too drunk while you fold linens, and water the plants. The hammer bottle opener is 8.5 inches long, and is just small enough so that you can easily hide those holes that will inevitably show themselves on the walls you are hammering. Check out the hammer bottle opener in action via the video below.

Hammer Bottle Opener Hammer Bottle Opener Hammer Bottle Opener

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