Hamburger Shaped BBQ Spatula

Date Published: 05/07/2014 5:50 AM

Hamburger Shaped BBQ Spatula Enlarge Image

The Gamago burger flipper is a BBQ spatula shaped and etched to look just like the greasy cheeseburger you're about to stuff into your fat mouth. You're love for cheeseburgers clearly far outweighs the love for your family so why not make every item you use throughout the day look like a cheeseburger, such as the cheeseburger socks, the cheeseburger wrapping paper, or the cheeseburger hand warming mouse pad. The hamburger shaped BBQ spatula is extra wide for those extra large fatty patties, is made from stainless steel with a wooden handle, and is a perfect gift idea for any BBQ loving overweight American male.

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