These Granite Coasters and Whiskey Stones Might Be The Classiest Way To Drink a Scotch

Date Published: 07/05/2021 10:30 AM

These Granite Coasters and Whiskey Stones Might Be The Classiest Way To Drink a Scotch Enlarge Image

Whiskey connoisseurs are adamant that the proper way to enjoy the drink is having it neat. Sometimes though, this is impossible due to the occasion, or even the weather. However, with a good set of coasters, you can have a drink the proper way – neat, and heed advice from the experts. Chill your drink, whether whiskey or any other using a coaster, and you’ll never go back. There will be no need to dilute your drink and change the taste that’s taken years to achieve. 

This 6 piece set of granite coasters is made of upcycled granite and the inside is lined with a padded cork that contains condensation and prevents your table from getting scratches. The 6 piece set includes two square granite coasters of 4” diameter, two 10 oz glass tumblers, two solid granite whiskey stones. The combination of the coasters and chilling stones will keep your fine drinks at an optimal temperature perfect for drinking. The glasses while on the coaster will never tip because the holes are bored with the utmost precision to ensure they fit well. 

Beautify and protect your tabletop by using this hand-polished granite coaster made in the granite capital of the world, New Hampshire. It will add some elegance and class to the room. The On The Rocks solid granite stones are popular with people who love their drinks chilled. Perfect for getting chilled in the freezer, and used when needed. There is no better way of serving your fine scotch whiskey or any other drink without dilution. 

Granite Coasters

Unlike maiden granite coasters which would get stuck to the bottom of a glass and ruin the smooth process of having a drink, this modern set is boldly designed, and hand-made. The materials are sourced locally, with some even being recycled. Due to this, each item is unique and the colors will vary. The coasters are made from reclaimed granite, cork, & foam and the glass tumbles made of recycled glass. Sustainable production is always a good thing. 

Granite CoastersGranite Coasters

To enjoy your aged spirits like whiskey or scotch without diluting the flavors, simply start by chilling the set. Put 1 or 2 oz. of your aged fine spirit in the glass, drop the stones and let the drink sit for like five minutes or so, then enjoy. These rocks make the setting look complex and wonderful, plus the drink will stay chilled for quite some time. Once you’re done with the drink, just rinse the stones and return them to the freezer for next time. These granite stones are forever reusable and create the ideal chill level for you to leisurely enjoy a drink. 

Granite Coasters

What a way to enhance your drink without watering it down with ice. The reason why granite is used is that it’s particularly dense, and will stay cold for longer than other types of stones. Granite resists crumbling, is inert, and will add no flavors, odors, or impurities to your drink. The taste will be naturally preserved for your enjoyment.

Granite Coasters

The edges of the stones are smoothened and hand-eased to enable them to swirl around the glass without scratching it. Their shape keeps them safely at the bottom of the glass as you gently sip. 

Bring a raw and natural beauty to your table with this amazing 6 piece set of granite coasters. The smooth surface will be safe from scratches or rings caused by glasses. Couple up this set with a bottle of an aged drink and you have the perfect gift for a drink lover. The natural color of the granite is a sight to behold, and the polished finish is amazing.

Granite Coasters

A hand crafted design is always wonderful, because you know the artisan had a special bond with the item, and saw to it that there were no defects. You’ll love these incredible granite coasters, and use it for a very long time. Make sure to clean the stones before freezing them again!!

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