Flashlight Shoes Attachments

Date Published: 07/08/2013 6:05 AM

Flashlight Shoes Attachments Enlarge Image

Whether you're out camping, a blackout at home, or you're on a dark, drunken stumble home from the bar, I don't see how the flashlight shoe attachments couldn't assist your life in every way possible. The Uncle Milton National Geographic Expedition Shoe Lights will light your way on your next night adventure in the great outdoors or let every rapist in the parking garage know where you are. These shoe lights come with white LEDs and red LEDs for better viewing in different lighting, and attach easily to any shoe via an included clip, or you can weave it through your shoe laces. Check out the shoe lights in action below.

Flashlight Shoe Attachments 1 Flashlight Shoe Attachments 2 Flashlight Shoe Attachments 3

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