Encapsulate Your Hole-In-One Golf Ball

Date Published: 08/18/2015 5:45 AM

Encapsulate Your Hole-In-One Golf Ball Enlarge Image

People encapsulate baseballs they've caught at games, footballs that were given to them after a great game of high-school football, and yes, people actually encapsulate freeze-dried grass that was tore up from the original Yankee stadium, so it doesn't strike me as too odd that someone might encapsulate a golf ball that was hit in marvelous fashion to give someone a great shot. A perfect gift idea for any avid golfer (assuming they kept a ball that means something to them), the encapsulated golf ball would be great to keep if someone hit a hole-in-one, an eagle, or even a birdy if they're quite proud of it. If I were to hit anything less than a quadruple bogey on any hole, I would probably encapsulate that ball.

The encapsulated golf ball is encapsulated into solid lucite sculpture, and is perfect way to keep a memory for you or a loved one forever.

Encapsulated Golf Ball

Encapsulated Golf Ball

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