Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders

By Ryan on 07/30/2013 10:01 AM (Updated: 07/03/2018 8:59 AM)

Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders

What do you call a corn cob holding dinosaur? A corncobholdersau... Ok that joke is just not going to work. The Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders were designed by Lana Flippone and are certainly an extravagant, and flamboyant way to eat your corn on the cob. Why use puny little corn cob grips when you can hold on to two huge T-Rexs or a Triceratops's ass while you munch your corn down, plus I don't see why you couldn't just use these dinosaurs as a fork to shovel other foods into your mouth.

Update: these dinosaur corn cob holders have been discontinued.

The Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders are available in a tyrannosaurus rex model, and a triceratops model, and are currently only available for pre-order, first come first serve basis, and will start to ship in September of 2013.

Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders 1 Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders 2 Dinosaur Corn Cob Holders 3

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