Cycloramic Vibrates iPhone To Make Panoramic Photos

Date Published: 06/24/2014 10:10 AM

Cycloramic Vibrates iPhone To Make Panoramic Photos Enlarge Image

Cycloramic is an iPhone app that was featured on Shark Tank that lets you take hands-free panoramic photos with your iPhone by using your phones vibration technology. How it works is you set the phone upright on a smooth counter or glass table, start the app, and it will begin to spin your phone around by setting your phone's vibration to just the right frequency so that it spins around in a circle. Once the photos are taken the app stitches them together to create a panoramic photo. Cycloramic is available in the iTunes app store, and the Google Play store, but only has the hands-free panoramic feature available on iPhones, since they are the only phones with flat bottoms, which makes you wonder what will happen if/when Apple changes the design of the iPhone. It's hard to demonstrate how the app works through pictures, so be sure to check out the Cycloramic hands-free panoramic iPhone app in action via the video below. Click here to view the app on the Google Play store.

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