30 Cheeseburger Gift Ideas That Every Burger Lover Should Have

Date Published: 07/28/2015 4:18 PM

We all have that friend who orders cheeseburgers at every restaurant you go to together, cooks cheeseburgers on his barbecue at least 3 times a week, and sometimes even drapes themselves in cheeseburger related clothing and accessories. Well, maybe not that last one, but that's not to say they wouldn't want to, say... sleep in a cheeseburger bed if you gave them one... Either way, I'm sure in this list of 30 cheeseburger gift ideas you'll be able to find something for that friend that might just be obsessed with cheeseburgers.

1.) Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper set is made using different patterns of a cheeseburger, and once placed together your gifts will look like a giant boxy cheeseburger. The cheeseburger wrapping set includes wrapping paper that looks like a bun, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and beef.

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2.) Cheeseburger Earmuffs

Cheeseburger Earmuffs

Why not warm you ears with the sweet warm pink center beef of a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger earmuffs feature a giant cheeseburger on each ear and will most certainly change your life for the better.

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3.) Cheeseburger Bed

Cheeseburger Bed

The cheeseburger bed is a round bed that looks exactly like a giant cheeseburger. With a sesame seed bun blanket, along with pickle, cheese, and lettuce sheets, you’ll feel right at home while eating a cheeseburger in bed.

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4.) Cheeseburger Hand Warming Mouse Pad

Cheeseburger Hand Warming Mouse Pad

This mouse pad is shaped like a cheeseburger that you stick your hand inside of to control your mouse, and if you think that’s the best part, you’d be wrong. The best part is that the cheeseburger is heated. The mouse pad connects via USB to your computer so that it can get power to heat your hand.

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5.) Cheeseburger Socks

Cheeseburger Socks

These cheeseburger socks are a set of crew socks that are made to look like you have a set of cheeseburgers on the bottoms of your legs instead of feet. A perfect gift idea for any hipster, these cheeseburger socks are just the beginning as you slowly turn yourself into a cheeseburger.

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6.) Cheeseburger Bicycle Saddle Bag

Cheeseburger Bicycle Saddle Bag

This cheeseburger saddle bag attaches to your bike to give you some storage room to place things like a cheeseburger, some fries, and maybe a side of ketchup while you bike around town looking for your next cheeseburger.

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7.) Cheeseburger Graphic Sweatshirt

Cheeseburger Graphic Sweatshirt

Step two of draping yourself in cheeseburger paraphernalia is this cheeseburger sweatshirt,. Featuring a graphic print of an actual cheeseburger, this sweatshirt will probably make you crave a juicy cheeseburger every time you look down.

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8.) Cheeseburger Lunch Bag

Cheeseburger Lunch Bag

Even though what’s inside your cheeseburger printed lunch bag is exactly what's printed on the outside of it, you certainly don’t want to ruin the surprise when you open it. Made to look just like a greasy cheeseburger, this round lunch bag is perfect for any cheeseburger lover.

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9.) Cheeseburger Shaped BBQ Spatula

Cheeseburger Shaped BBQ Spatula

Similar to if you were to get a computer mouse shaped like an actual mouse rodent, this barbecue spatula is shaped just like a cheeseburger. With each flip of your cheeseburger you will get a nice preview of what your cheeseburger is about to look like as it slides into your gullet.

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10.) Cat Cheeseburger Bed

Cat Cheeseburger Bed

Well you got your cheeseburger bed, why can’t your cat have on too? The cheeseburger cat bed allows your cat to crawl inside and become the meat of the cheeseburger.

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11.) Giant Cheeseburger Head Mask

Giant Cheeseburger Head Mask

Step three of becoming a cheeseburger is this mask that essentially makes your entire head a cheeseburger. I’m not sure how you would even see through this mask, but that doesn’t matter as you wouldn't want people seeing inside the mask either, because you’ll probably be scarfing down a cheeseburger inside of it… Somehow with no hands.

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12.) Cheeseburger Bike Bell

Cheeseburger Bike Bell

With all the cheeseburgers you eat, you may need some exercise once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about cheeseburgers. This bike bell is made to look just like a cheeseburger, and with each ding of the bell, your stomach will grow a little more hungry for a greasy cheeseburger just as the Pavlov Theory suggests.

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13.) Cheeseburger Bean Bag Chair

Cheeseburger Bean Bag Chair

This bean bag has a graphic print on the outside of it that makes it look like a giant cheeseburger, and is perfect to drag into the corner and sit on as you devour a plate full of cheeseburgers. Sometimes you just need to hide your shame. This cheeseburger bean bag chair comes in an adult size, and a junior size, in case your child would like to join you.

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14.) Cheeseburger Backpack

Cheeseburger Backpack

This graphic printed backpack makes it look like you’re hauling around a giant cheeseburger on your back, and even though the backpack is probably filled with a box full cheeseburgers, no one will ever know.

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15.) Cheeseburger Ball Gag

Cheeseburger Ball Gag

Some people like to get a little kinky with their food. Whether you’re dripping chocolate sauce on your lover's body, eating a sandwich while making love to your significant other like George Costanza, or gagging yourself with a little mini plastic cheeseburger, I’m not here to judge, just so long as you keep that to yourself.

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16.) Cheeseburger T-Shirt

Cheeseburger T-Shirt

Under your cheeseburger sweatshirt, you might want to keep a cheeseburger t-shirt in case you get a little warm with your sweatshirt on, you can take it off and still show everyone your love for greasy cheeseburgers.

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17.) Cheeseburger Earrings

Cheeseburger Earrings

Coming along nicely with draping our bodies in cheeseburger accessories, these cheeseburger earrings will show everyone how dedicated you are to your dear leader - the greasy cheeseburger overlord. Which if you don’t drape yourself in cheeseburgers he will smite you, and overcook all of your cheeseburgers from here-on-out.

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18.) Cheeseburger Cookie Jar

Cheeseburger Cookie Jar

When not slowly killing yourself with greasy cheeseburgers, you’re going to need to help your body along into obesity with some cookies. But, of course you don’t want to stray your mind too far away from the main goal, which is cheeseburgers, so why not just stick your cookies into a giant cheeseburger cookie jar.

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19.) White Castle Cheeseburger Scented Candle

White Castle Cheeseburger Scented Candle

The only reason to ever eat White Castle is when it’s 3:00 in the morning and you’re just on the cusp of blacking out. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love the smell of the White Castle’s oniony cheeseburgers. This candle omits a smell that smells exactly like a White Castle cheeseburger and is sure to class up any home it’s lit inside of.

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20.) Cheeseburger Hamper Laundry Bag

Cheeseburger Hamper Laundry Bag

This laundry hamper bag is made to look like a giant cheeseburger, and most likely will be used to haul all the clothes to the laundromat that you spilt cheeseburger grease all over.

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21.) Cheeseburger Phone

Cheeseburger Phone

The cheeseburger phone is a land-line phone that is shaped like a cheeseburger. Simply pick up the top bun, dial a number onto the cheese slice dial pad, and begin talking with a friend about cheeseburgers. Granted no one actually uses land-line phones unless you’re over the age of 55, but I guess it’s just here for the entertainment purposes anyway.

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22.) Converse Chuck Taylor Cheeseburger Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylor Cheeseburger Shoes

The next step in becoming cheeseburger man is putting these cheeseburger printed Chuck Taylor Converse shoes over your cheeseburger socks. A perfect gift idea for any Chuck Taylor shoe collector, assuming they also love cheeseburgers, these shoes are printed using a high-resolution image and have very vivid colors.

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23.) Cheeseburger iPhone Case

Cheeseburger iPhone Case

When not eating cheeseburgers, sometimes it’s nice to just look at a picture of a cheeseburger and imagine yourself eating it. With this cheeseburger iPhone case you can do that by just flipping your phone over whenever you have the urge to look at cheeseburgers.

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24.) Cheeseburger Etched Dog Tag

Cheeseburger Etched Dog Tag

Your dog loves cheeseburgers too! Granted he would love just about anything that’s edible that you might give him, but after watching you day-in and day-out devour cheeseburgers, he’s grown an appetite vicariously through you. This dog tag has an image of a cheeseburger etched onto it which you can also have your dog’s name and your phone number etched onto the back of it.

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25.) Cheeseburger Poster

Cheeseburger Poster

Perfect to place on the ceiling above your bed, this cheeseburger poster is great to stare at as you go to sleep so you can reminisce about the dinner you just had as well as anticipate your cheeseburger breakfast that you will awake to in a few hours.

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26.) Cheeseburger CD/DVD/Blu-ray Storage Case

Cheeseburger CD/DVD/Blu-ray Storage Case

Assuming you still use CDs, this CD case looks just like a cheeseburger, and is perfect for storing your cheeseburger themed music inside of. The cheeseburger CD case is made from soft material, and will go perfect with all the other cheeseburger accessories you already have in your room. Granted you could also use it to store DVDs or Blu-rays as well.

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27.) Cheeseburger 16GB USB Flash Drive

Cheeseburger 16GB USB Flash Drive

You’re going to need somewhere to store all the pictures of cheeseburgers you have on your computer, from the ones that are dripping with grease and get you all hot and bothered, from the pictures of cows that have yet to be turned in cheeseburgers. This 16GB flash drive looks just like a mini cheeseburger, and if you don’t eat it, it will work with USB 2.0 ports, and measures just 2.3 inches long.

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28.) Cheeseburger Leggings

Cheeseburger Leggings

Leggings aren’t just for women you know, seeing how they stretch, they could certainly accommodate a large man that eats cheeseburgers for each meal of the day. Throw these cheeseburger leggings under your cheeseburger socks that are under your cheeseburger Chuck Taylor Converse shoes and will be one step closer to your goal of cheeseburger man.

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29.) Cheeseburger Halloween Costume

Cheeseburger Halloween Costume

As if any one of your friends will be surprised to see you dressed as a cheeseburger this Halloween, but that’s not going to stop you. Perfect for throwing over your cheeseburger sweatshirt that’s over your cheeseburger t-shirt for extra layers, as it gets quite cold in Halloween, this cheeseburger costume will make you one step away from becoming cheeseburger man, as you are just about complete in your goal of draping yourself in cheeseburger clothing and accessories.

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30.) Cheeseburger Hat

Cheeseburger Hat

Besides making you look like an idiot, this cheeseburger hat... Ok never-mind, it just makes you look like an idiot. None-the-less, you’ve done it… The topping on the cake. With this cheeseburger hat you’ve completely draped yourself in cheeseburger clothing and cheeseburger accessories. Congratulations on your long journey here, and I hope what little years ahead of you that you might have left, treat you well.

FYI: I have said the word cheeseburger 140 times in this article, whoops, make that 141 cheeseburgers… 142.

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