Bendable Sofa Tray Table

Date Published: 10/02/2013 6:02 AM

Bendable Sofa Tray Table Enlarge Image

The bendable sofa tray is a unique wooden tray that you can set on the arm of your sofa and it will bend and fit the shape of it so you have a makeshift table to rest your tea, cocktail, or cheeseburgers on. No longer will you have to play the balancing game as you set your drink on to the arm of your chair while you take a bite of your cheeseburger, hoping that it will stay upright until you have a free hand. The sofa tray table provides a flat surface on your sofa arm, and has a linen fabric on the backside of it so that it is completely wearproof and provides the tray with the flexibility to fit your couch. The bendable sofa tray table is made from high quality timber from ash trees, and is finished with water varnishes and stains, and are completely handmade. The sofa arm table comes in a many different stains and colors to choose from.

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