Bacon On The Grill Cooking Rack

Date Published: 03/27/2014 3:14 AM

Bacon On The Grill Cooking Rack Enlarge Image

The bacon grill cooking rack allows you to easily make bacon on the grill without creating a grease fire that kills the entire neighborhood. Cook up to 4 pieces of bacon at a time while the grease trap at the bottom catches all of the delicious bacon grease that falls from the bacon, which you can then use later to rub all over your body before you streak out onto the field at a baseball game. The piggyback bacon grill rack comes with two handles for easy transportation and mobility, measures 10.75 inches x 4.9 inches x 5.6 inches, and is a must have for any person that claims they are a man.

Piggyback Bacon Grill Rack Piggyback Bacon Grill Rack

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