World's Okayest Sister

Date Published: 02/07/2014 3:21 AM

World's Okayest Sister Enlarge Image

Your sister deserves a little recoginition, she is not the worst human you have ever interacted with, but then again certainly nowhere near the best person neither, so why not get her a t-shirt to recognize her okayness in this world, let her know that she is quite fair, that your stance on her life is adequate. The World's Okayest Sister t-shirt would be a great gift idea for your sister when she has been OK to you within the last year, nothing admirable, nothing gruesome, just OK. The World's Greatest Sister tshirt comes in Grey, Black, Pink, and Red colors to choose from, has many different sizes for the skinny sisters to the obese, and there is even a World's Okayest Brother t-shirt in case you need to get one for your brother.

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