Mosquito Net Pants

Date Published: 09/09/2013 6:09 AM (Updated: 11/15/2016 8:41 AM)

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You know you're a Minnesotan when instead of just putting on pants you need to put nets over your shorts to protect your from the mosquitos. It's amazing that we can make seedless watermelon, be on the verge of curing cancer and aids, come close to making majestic creatures like the white rhino, and narwhals extinct due to poaching, yet the mosquito, possibly the most annoying creature on the planet still thrives and is more populous than ever, and scientists don't give a shit about my itchy legs.

Luckily the mosquito net pants are here to save those sweet succulent legs from being bitten my the clouds of mosquitoes roaming around outside your house. Just slip the mosquito net pants over your short pants, and you are ready for a mosquito bite free jog or hike. The mosquito net pants are made from 100% polyester, feature an elastic waistband to fit all sorts of fatties, and is flame retardant.

Mosquito Net Pants

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