Earth Cooler: An Underground Beer Cooler

Date Published: 05/30/2014 2:43 AM

Earth Cooler: An Underground Beer Cooler Enlarge Image

The Earth Cooler is an underground contraption that you can store your beer, soda, or whatever else comes in can form underground to keep it cool, which uses no electricity and is 100% earth friendly, other then when you tear it apart digging a huge hole for it. Perfect for permanent, year round placement, outdoors for parties and BBQs, the Earth Cooler keeps your drinks cold in the summer and keeps them frost free in the winter. The Underground beer cooler measures 3.7 feet deep, 11.8 inches in diameter, weighs 26 pounds all together, can hold up to 24 cans total, and is recommended to use a garden drill to dig the hole, or if you consider yourself a real man you can use a shovel. To get your beer, just wind the lever and your beer will be brought up from the depths of the earth for you to consume at a nice cool temperature. Check out the eCool Underground Beer Cooler in action via the video below.

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