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  • Book Shaped Book Ends

    Book Shaped Book Ends

    The book shaped book ends are book ends that look like drooped over books that are holding up your books, and is great for people who want people to think they are a slob at organizing their books on a book shelf. T

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  • Falling Books Bookend

    Falling Books Bookend

    You just bought your first book, congratulations! Once/If you ever finish reading it, how will you ever set it on a shelf without it tipping over? The falling books bookend will hold up your new book by making it lo

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  • Beetle Tip 3 Way Highlighter Pens

    Beetle Tip 3 Way Highlighter Pens

    The beetle tip 3 way marker pen is a pen that has 3 different functions, a highlighter, a pen, and a double lined pen. The highlighter is a 3mm wide part of the pen that is made for highlighting text, the pen part i

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  • Glass Book Page Holder

    Glass Book Page Holder

    The book on book glass page holder is a transparent piece of glass shaped like a book that holds the pages of your book down while you read through it and was created by a Japanese company called Tent. The Book on B

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  • Bookmark With a Hand

    Bookmark With a Hand

    The bookmark with a hand (or handy bookmark), is, well... a bookmark with a hand on it that will help you remember where you left off in a book, not only which page you were on, but exactly which word or paragraph y

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  • This Book Features Just Pictures Of Dogs Underwater

    This Book Features Just Pictures Of Dogs Underwater

    If there's anything better than a picture of a cute dog, it's a picture of a cute dog that's underwater! This book called, quite creatively, "Underwater Dogs", features pictures of dogs strictly underwater and the a

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  • Unique Gift
  • The Pop-up Book Of Phobias

    The Pop-up Book Of Phobias

    The Pop-up Book of Phobias is a great gift for someone who suffers from panphobia. Includes tons of great phobias, such as clowns, heights, speaking in public, spiders, needles, and much more. Unfortunately mid

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