Pumpkin Keg Tap

Date Published: 10/22/2013 2:56 PM

Pumpkin Keg Tap Enlarge Image

Turn your pumpkin into a keg with the pumpkin keg tap kit. Not only will it make whatever liquid you use taste like the inards of a pumpkin (YUM!), but it will also give you no pressure besides the weight of gravity. Not only is this not really a product, but you could find a cheaper one by going to a beer brewing store, or just look anywhere for a keg tap that doesn't have to do with pumpkins. This prodocut is just a keg tap, it doesn't come with a pumpkin or have anything to do with pumpkins, it's just telling you to jam it into a pumkin to make a pumpkin keg tap. So why are we listing it here if this such a stupid, useless product that is marketing to idiots like you? Well because you're so damn stupid that you'll probably buy it.

Pumpkin Keg Tap Pumpkin Keg Tap

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