Dog Lion Mane Costume

Date Published: 04/21/2014 5:55 AM

Dog Lion Mane Costume Enlarge Image

Similar to the lion mane cat costume, but this one is made specifically for dogs. Great for turning your dog into a lion for a Halloween costume, for a walk outside, or just to make him look like an idiot, the lion mane dog wig is perfect for dogs of all sizes as it comes in 4 different sizes and uses an elastic band to fit the odd sizes and shapes of your dog's head. The lion mane dog costume has a realistic look with two different shades of brown, comes in extra-small, small, medium, and large sizes, weighs just  7.7oz, comes equipped with lion ears, and is sure to make your dog hate you.


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Dog Lion Mane Dog Lion Mane

Dog Lion Mane

Dog Lion Mane

Dog Lion Mane

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