Brilliant Inventions, Odd Gadgets, and Unique Gifts From Around The Web
  • Airplane Seat Mount For Mobile Devices

    Airplane Seat Mount For Mobile Devices

    Are you a cheap bastard and purchased a ticket on a plane that has no screen in front of you for you to pick movies and TV shows to watch? Well now there's a device that lets ...More

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  • Confetti High Five

    Confetti High Five

    To celebrate national high five day why not use the FiestaFive which is a device you attach to your hand and as you give a high five to someone a splash of confetti explodes o...More

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  • Atomic Bomb Pen And Explosion Notepad

    Atomic Bomb Pen And Explosion Notepad

    The bomb pen is a writing utensil that looks just like an atomic bomb, and is great for writing haiku's, creating art on your origami, or writing down earthquake survival inst...More

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  • Pet Shower Curtain With Bubble Boy Arms

    Pet Shower Curtain With Bubble Boy Arms

    IT WAS MOOPS! The pet shower curtain with bubble boy arms lets you wash your dog from the comfort of the other side of the shower curtain using 2 large bubble boy arms that ar...More

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  • Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    Carbon Fiber Money Clip

    If you're looking for something to match your carbon fiber toilet seat, or your carbon fiber playing cards look no further. The carbon fiber money clip is a money clip that wi...More

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  • Up Yours Middle Finger Mug

    Up Yours Middle Finger Mug

    Similar to the have a nice day middle finger mug, this is basically the exact opposite, where instead of flipping the bird to strangers as you take a sip of your coffee, you a...More

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  • Halfbike: A Stand Up Tricycle

    Halfbike: A Stand Up Tricycle

    I would describe the halfbike as a cross somewhere between a penny-farthing and a Segway, as you stand up and peddle like you would on some sort of workout machine, and you st...More

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  • Lego Garden Blocks

    Lego Garden Blocks

    TogetherFarm Blocks are Lego like modular building blocks that you can use to build a container for your raised bed garden and is an easier and less manly alternative than to ...More

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  • City Map Dinner Plates

    City Map Dinner Plates

    The city map plates are a set of 4 dinner plates that have images of city maps on them including these 4 cities: Chicago, Mumbai, Montreal, and Paris. So when you are eating d...More

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  • Hypnotic Infinite Spinning Disk

    Hypnotic Infinite Spinning Disk

    Euler's Spinning Disk is a mixture between science, art, acid, and awesomeness as it is a disk formed perfectly to make it spin as long, fast and as loud as possible and will ...More

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  • The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormat

    The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormat

    Do you have a bunch of shit that you don't want stolen in your house? Well forget about an alarm or home security system, your best bet at deterring thieves from robbing you b...More

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  • Ceramic Caveman Mug

    Ceramic Caveman Mug

    Stop dragging your knuckles on the ground, today you've created an invention to drink liquids without having to put your lips directly into a puddle of brown stale liquid you ...More

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  • Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

    Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

    There's no other way to make an apple pie, a tray of tater tots, or a pot roast than to take it out of the oven using an oven mitt that looks just like a baseball glove, you j...More

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  • Matte Black Steel Comb

    Matte Black Steel Comb

    Sometimes a quality comb is just what the doctor ordered, imagine combing through your angel hair with a steel goddess of a comb like this, and even better anything that is ma...More

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  • KettleClamp: Adjustable Kettlebell

    KettleClamp: Adjustable Kettlebell

    Want to get ripped up like Joe Rogan but don't want to shell out money for a new Zombie Bell, or Primal Bell everytime you need to increase your weight? The Kettleclamp lets y...More

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  • Screwpop Travel Stash Keychain and Flashlight

    Screwpop Travel Stash Keychain and Flashlight

    The Screwpop is a keychain that has many different functions, one version includes a flashlight on the end of it, and the other version includes a stash case to keep money, dr...More

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  • Drink Holder Pillow

    Drink Holder Pillow

    The drink holder pillow has two pockets on the top of the pillow where you can hold your beer or remote while you lounge away your life in front of the tv. Sometimes reaching ...More

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    Each one of our odd gifts are hand picked from the best, weirdest, and most brilliant products we can find on the web.

  • Stand Or Sit Ergonomic Workstation

    Stand Or Sit Ergonomic Workstation

    When you sit all day, sitting sucks, when you stand all day, standing sucks, so why not give yourself the option to work both ways so that you are not silently murdering your ...More

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  • Giant Man Hands Gloves

    Giant Man Hands Gloves

    "She had man-hands!"The man hands are giant oversized man hands that you can wear like gloves to make yourself look like a silly persson with giant hands, and most likely have...More

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  • 9V Battery Flashlight Attachment

    9V Battery Flashlight Attachment

    The 9v battery flashlight is a small device that you can attach directly to a 9v battery to make a mini flashlight and is great for campers, hikers, and late night walkers and...More

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  • Year Long Clock

    Year Long Clock

    The year long clock is an analog wall clock that has 1 hand on it that makes one full revolution every 365 days. Using the colors on the face of the clock you can begin to tel...More

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  • Self-Cleaning Kitty Litter Robot

    Self-Cleaning Kitty Litter Robot

    The self-cleaning kitty litter robot is a little cave that your cat can crawl into and take bountiful shits and the litter box will clean itself by a patented automatic siftin...More

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  • Guitar Doorbell

    Guitar Doorbell

    The guitar doorbell is an acoustic guitar that hangs above your door and every time someone opens it, an attachment on the door will strum across the strings of the guitar and...More

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  • Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

    Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

    Did you just try out the new Taco Bell breakfast? Ordered 2 burritos at Chipotle because you thought you could handle it? Have a nice dinner at P.F. Chang's? Well monster shit...More

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  • Bear Paw Oven Mitts

    Bear Paw Oven Mitts

    The bear paw oven mitts are oven mitts that look like giant bear claws and are great for bear enthusiasts, bear hunters, or people who cook things in ovens a lot and who think...More

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  • Justice Caps: Hide Your Face From Surveillance Cameras

    Justice Caps: Hide Your Face From Surveillance Cameras

    The Justice Cap is a baseball hat with a set of LEDs on it that boast anti-camera technology that will white out your face when viewed through a surveillance camera. Made for ...More

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  • Sustainable Wooden Coffee Mug

    Sustainable Wooden Coffee Mug

    Brought to you by Dryad Coffee, the wooden coffee mug is a sustainable alternative to your run-of-the-mill ceramic mugs, and is a beautifully designed piece of drinkware that ...More

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    Odditymall is filled with hundreds of unique gifts for men, but we may have snuck in a few gift ideas for the ladies too.

  • Water Leak Flood Detectors

    Water Leak Flood Detectors

    The water leak detectors are a set of mini alarms that you can place in your basement floor and will sound out an alarm once it detects any sort of water or moisture on the fl...More

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  • Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

    Dancing Water Fountain Speakers

    What better way to enjoy some music than to watch some water dance around in a small plastic container, this may not sound that great now, but just wait until after you drop t...More

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  • HTC Dot View Interactive Phone Case

    HTC Dot View Interactive Phone Case

    The HTC Dot View phone case lets you interact with your phone when it is closed by just swiping on the case. The dot matrix cover will let you take calls, get weather updates,...More

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