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  • Realistic Dog Masks

    Realistic Dog Masks

    The realistic dog masks feature an array of masks that almost look real, with masks that resemble a German Shepherd, an English Bulldog, a Pug, a Basset Hound, a Black Labr...More

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  • Giant Confetti Balloon

    Giant Confetti Balloon

    The confetti balloon is a giant balloon that is filled with confetti so that once you pop it, confetti explodes out of it, encompassing your room with wild colors that will...More

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  • Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask

    Alien Mind Control Halloween Mask

    The alien mind control mask is a Halloween costume that makes it look like an alien has removed your head and replaced with a chair where he can sit and control your body f...More

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  • Keyboard Pirate Memo Holders

    Keyboard Pirate Memo Holders

    The keyboard pirates are little weird blob type people that are apparently supposed to be pirates that you can slide into the keys of your keyboard to hold notes and memos....More

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  • Mr. Sponge - Sponge Holder

    Mr. Sponge - Sponge Holder

    Mr. Sponge is a sponge holder that is a classy gentlemen that resembles the Pringles guy mixed with the Monopoly guy that holds your dirty sponge for you. Simply squeeze yo...More

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  • Giant Sunglasses Wall Mirror

    Giant Sunglasses Wall Mirror

    The giant sunglasses are a large pair of sunglasses with mirrors in the lenses which you can attach to your wall. A perfect addition to any sunglasses collectors repertoire...More

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  • Drop Shots: Magnetic Shot Glass and Pint Glass

    Drop Shots: Magnetic Shot Glass and Pint Glass

    Who doesn't like ripping a few shots while they're out on the town or maybe before hand while doing some pre-gaming? But no one is a fan of taking a Jäg-Bomb and having th...More

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  • Bleeding Skull Candle

    Bleeding Skull Candle

    The bleeding skull candle is a Halloween candle that is shaped like a skull, but when it starts burning, the red wax inside will melt out of the eyeballs of the skull makin...More

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  • Dry Erase Board Light Switches

    Dry Erase Board Light Switches

    The Switch Port is a new light switch cover that is made using the same material as a dry erase board, so that instead of turning your light switch a little more yellow wit...More

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  • French Bulldog Self Defense Keychain

    French Bulldog Self Defense Keychain

    The Brutus the Bulldog keychain is a keychain that looks like a french bulldog which you can throw on your keys in case you find yourself walking down a dark parking ramp w...More

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  • Remote Control Floating Snack And Drink Holder

    Remote Control Floating Snack And Drink Holder

    The remote controlled floating drink holder is a device that you can put in your pool to hold your drinks that you can control with a remote control, plus the center of the...More

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  • Cat Tank Playhouse

    Cat Tank Playhouse

    Your cat always seems to enjoy the box more than whatever item you bought for it, so why not just give them a more elaborate box to play in. The Cat Tank Playhouse is a fol...More

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  • BottleLoft: Magnetic Beer Bottle Attachment For Your Fridge

    BottleLoft: Magnetic Beer Bottle Attachment For Your Fridge

    The BottleLoft is a strip of magnets that you can attach to the top of the inside of your refrigerator to stick beer bottles to in order to save room for those boxes of lef...More

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  • Expandable Quad Micro Bar Table and Stools

    Expandable Quad Micro Bar Table and Stools

    The Quad Micro Bar is a concept bar table that starts as a small central table that expands into having 4 bar stools extending out from the table. Perfect for small apartme...More

    Buy Now 10/15/2014 3:24 PM
  • Bike Chain Bottle Opener

    Bike Chain Bottle Opener

    The bike chain bottle opener is a sprocket shaped bottle opener that has a bike chain wrapped around it, and is a perfect gift idea for a bicycle enthusiast, motorcycle ent...More

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  • Animated Monster Hand Candy Bowl

    Animated Monster Hand Candy Bowl

    The animated monster hand candy bowl is a Halloween bowl that features a monster hand sticking out of it, which once a human hand reaches into the candy bowl to...More

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  • Indiana Jones Doorway Cat Bridge

    Indiana Jones Doorway Cat Bridge

    The Indiana Jones Cat Bridge is a wooden bridge you can attach over a doorway for your cat to sleep on, play on, or pretend to be Indiana Jones on, just hope your cat likes...More

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    Each one of our odd gifts are hand picked from the best, weirdest, and most brilliant products we can find on the web.

  • Glasses Frames Contact Lens Case

    Glasses Frames Contact Lens Case

    The Kikkerland Retro Specs Contact Lens case is a case for your contacts that looks like a pair of hipster glasses, and is a unique and less boring way to soak your contact...More

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  • This Pacifier Automatically Closes When It

    This Pacifier Automatically Closes When It's Dropped

    The Razbaby Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier is a baby pacifier that automatically closes when it's dropped from your baby's mouth, which will keep it clean from the dog/cat hair, ol...More

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  • Jurassic Park Mosquito In Amber Cane Replica

    Jurassic Park Mosquito In Amber Cane Replica

    The mosquito in amber cane is an exact replica of the cane used by the John Hammond character (Richard Attenborough) in the original Jurassic Park movie from 1993. Produced...More

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  • Penguin Floor Cleaner Cover

    Penguin Floor Cleaner Cover

    The Penguin Floor Cleaner Cover is a penguin that you can place over your Swiffer Sweeper or whatever floor mop or hardwood floor cleaner you use and will make it look like...More

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  • Antler Curtain Tiebacks

    Antler Curtain Tiebacks

    The antler curtain tiebacks are a set of artificial deer antlers that are meant to hold back your curtains when you have them open, and are perfect for a cabin, part of a r...More

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  • Top 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases

    Top 10 Weirdest iPhone Cases

    Phone cases, you may wonder what their purpose might serve in this world... The truth is, most of them do absolutely nothing to protect your phone from shattering the scree...More

    Check It Out 10/11/2014 3:27 PM
  • Giant Ice Cube Mold

    Giant Ice Cube Mold

    The Colossal Ice Cube Mold allows you to create giant ice cubes to use in your beverage to keep it cold longer. No longer will you're drink get watered down immediately by ...More

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  • Arcade Joystick Light Switch

    Arcade Joystick Light Switch

    The arcade light switch is a replacement light switch plate that looks like the front of an arcade machine in that it has a joystick and two arcade like buttons on it. Perf...More

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  • Giant Skull Chair With Movable Jaw

    Giant Skull Chair With Movable Jaw

    The skull chair is a giant skull that has a jaw that you can move that allows you to turn the skull into a chair to sit on when looking to ponder about death, murder, and o...More

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  • Desktop Bowling

    Desktop Bowling

    Desktop Bowling is a mini game of bowling that you can play right on your desk at work, so instead of actually working you can make a bunch of noise by playing a game and n...More

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    Odditymall is filled with hundreds of unique gifts for men, but we may have snuck in a few gift ideas for the ladies too.

  • Scorpion Chair

    Scorpion Chair

    The Scorpion Chair is a flamboyant and beautifully designed chair that has a massive head rest that is supposed to resemble a scorpion. Designed and created by Russian wood...More

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  • Furry Cat Clutch Purse

    Furry Cat Clutch Purse

    The furry cat purse is a creepy looking clutch that is basically a square furry purse that has a face of a cat in the corner of it, and if it were to utter anything out of ...More

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  • Wine2Go: A Foldable Wine Flask

    Wine2Go: A Foldable Wine Flask

    The Wine2Go is a plastic portable wine bottle that you can fold up and take with you in case you're going somewhere that doesn't allow glass bottles and you're in desperate...More

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