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Lion's Mane Cat Hat

Date Published: 04/18/2013 11:45 PM

Lion's Mane Cat Hat

Turn your cat (or dog I suppose) into a ferocious lion. No animal will ever aproach your cat in a confrontational manner again after gazing at the mane of justice discharging from it's face. The lion mane cat hat is a wig for your pet that will make them look like a lion. The manes are handmade and attach to your cat with velcro straps that connect under the chin. The outer color of the cat mane is caramel and the inner lining color may vary, the face opening is 3 inches in diameter, and the rear opening is around 3.5 inches in diameter.

Lion's Mane Cat Hat 1 Lion's Mane Cat Hat 2 Lion's Mane Cat Hat 3 Lion's Mane Cat Wig Lion's Mane Cat Wig Lion's Mane Cat Wig Lion's Mane Cat Wig

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