Taco Belle Dress

Date Published: 08/03/2015 4:50 AM (Updated: 10/09/2017 10:42 PM)

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Nothing fulfills a nerd's fantasies more than mixing beautiful Disney princesses with Tacos, and no that's not some sort of dirty innuendo. The Taco Belle dress is a handmade dress which for one, makes you look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and secondly is filled with tacos along the bottom of the dress, thus giving you a perfect combination Halloween or Cosplay costume called 'Taco Belle'.


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Created by 'AvantGeek' a Cosplayer, actress, and costume designer, the Taco Belle dress is just a concept for now as it's not actually for sale anywhere, although we can only hope she makes more.

Taco Belle Dress

The Taco Belle dress is made by hand painting card stock, tissue paper, and felt, along with the flowers which are quite satisfyingly made from unused taco bell wrappers.

Taco Belle Dress

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