Table Tennis Door

Date Published: 01/03/2014 9:32 AM

Table Tennis Door Enlarge Image

The table tennis door is a door that swivels down from the frame and creates a make-shift ping pong table right in the middle of your door frame. It looks just like any regular door, with a door handle and even a key lock, except it is bright green, has a stripe down the middle of it, and has a net attached to it across the middle of the door, but when you swivel it down, it magically becomes a ping pong table (except not quite regulation size). Designed by German designer Tobias Fünke Fränzel, the ping pong table is perfect for space saving connoisseurs, and although the price is quite hefty, you a man could probably just make one for you if you know of one. If anyone were to start a kickstarter campaign for a table tennis door cheaper than this one, I for one would be throwing money at you through my computer screen.

Ping Pong Door Ping Pong Door Ping Pong Door Ping Pong Door Ping Pong Door

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