Slap Activated Butt Light

Date Published: 03/11/2014 3:38 PM

Slap Activated Butt Light Enlarge Image

The slap activated butt light is a wall mounted light that is shaped like a human butt which you slap to turn it on or off, and is great for bosses to take out their pent up sexual harassment urges on instead of some girls ass at work. The butt slap light was designed by a British designer named Joseph Begley as a product that combines the stress relieving satisfaction of slapping someone's butt with practical application of turning on a light. For now the butt slap light is available only with 50 limited edition lights that come in an array of different colors: Cool White, Cyan, Blue, Green, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Red. Check out the slap activated butt light in action via the video below.

Butt Slap Light Butt Slap Light Butt Slap Light Butt Slap Light

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