RunBell: A Bell To Clear Pedestrians When Running

Date Published: 06/04/2014 2:17 PM

RunBell: A Bell To Clear Pedestrians When Running Enlarge Image

Similar to the bell on a bike, the RunBell is a bell you can ding to get people out of your way when you are running through an urban area, and will most likely get you punched in the face the first time you try to use it. As if bikers weren't annoying enough taking up me' roads, now there are runners taking up me' sidewalks and you have the audacity to ding a bell at me to get me out of your way? You are the one running, you can get the hell out of my way you fat, sweaty bastard. The only time I would use RunBell is if I had just eaten some Chipotle and was in a crowd of people while dealing with a personal emergency. Then, and only then, is the RunBell necessary to use. The way the RunBell works is you wear it on your index and middle fingers, and you use your thumb to flick a metal rod which is attached to a spring into the bell, thus dinging the bell. The RunBell is currently in a funding phase on Kickstarter so if you plan on eating some Mexican food in a crowded area in the near future go ahead and reserve yours now, and be sure to check it out in action via the video below.

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