Jason Mask Slotted Spoon

Date Published: 10/24/2014 4:06 AM

Jason Mask Slotted Spoon Enlarge Image

The Jason Mask slotted spoon is a skimming spoon that looks just like Jason's hockey mask inspired from the Friday the 13th movies. Perfect for throwing in your slow cooker while you heat up some haunted mini wieners or your pulled pork ghoul-ash, with each spoon full of wieners they will realize how dedicated you are to decorating for Halloween. The Jason Mask serving spoon is made from an actual silverware spoon, you can choose to have red markings on the spoon similar to Jason's actual mask or to have it plain, comes with an optional plaque that used to showcase the spoon for $10 extra, and come stained and poly'd in blue, green, cheery, or natural colors.
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Jason Mask Skimming Spoon

Jason Mask Slotted Spoon

Jason Mask Serving Spoon

Jason Mask Slotted Spoon

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