Gomiba Go: A Remote Controlled Garbage Can

Date Published: 06/17/2015 4:28 AM

Gomiba Go: A Remote Controlled Garbage Can Enlarge Image

Why walk all the way over to the garbage can when you can just bring the garbage can to you. The Gomiba Go is a remote controlled garbage can that is essentially a garbage can on wheels that you can wheel over to you using a remote. If you find your life in a current state of not wanting to get up from your couch, yet not quite disgusting as a human being just yet to feel the need to throw your trash directly onto the ground, a remote controlled garbage can might just be for you. No longer will you have to scrape your lifeless body off of the couch to throw away that hot pocket wrapper, simply roll the garbage can to you, or better yet, somebody should mod the trash can to follow you around.

Obviously made in Japan, the remote controlled garbage can named Gomiba Go (a play on words using gomi bako which means trash can and go) is made by the same company that brought you the remote controlled floor sweeper, so it's pretty clear that they have captured the lazy American market quite well at this point.

The remote control garbage can is powered via 6 AA batteries, is made from ages 12 and up, comes with instructions that are in Japanese but are easy to understand, the can is blue in color, and measures 11 inches tall x 10.2 inches wide x 4.3 inches deep.

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