Glideware Sliding Pot Holder

Date Published: 09/20/2013 12:04 PM

Glideware Sliding Pot Holder Enlarge Image

Opening the pot/pan cabinet at my house is like opening a door into Detroit, nothing is where it should be, there is no order, and it's filled with pot. Luckily the Glideware sliding pot holder will organize your pots and pans so that you will no longer have to deal with the unruly disasterousness of your cabinet area. The glideware sliding pot holder will hold all your pots and pans in a tidy fashion, and when you want to get one, just slide/glide it out of your cabinet, remove your chosen pot from the hook, and slide it back in your cabinet. The glideware sliding pot holder holds up to 7 pots and pans, will allow your cookware to dry after you wash them, and will help prevent dust from forming on them.

Check out the slide-out pot holder and organizer in action via the video below.

Alternative purchase link with more options.

Slide-out pot holder cabinet

Glideware Sliding Pot Holder Glideware Sliding Pot Holder Glideware Sliding Pot Holder

Slide-out pot holder cabinet

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