Daymak's The Beast: A Solar Powered Mini-Bike

Date Published: 05/22/2014 3:13 AM

Daymak's The Beast: A Solar Powered Mini-Bike Enlarge Image

The Beast is a solar powered mini-bike made by Daymak that will be available in the summer of 2014. With a top speed of 21 mph, the Beast will bring you anywhere you'd like to go, assuming there is no cloud coverage, or large shadow casting trees you are driving underneath. The beast's solar panel will give you 6.2 miles of distance with every 8 hours of charge, so luckily it comes with a backup battery that with a full charge will let you travel a distance of around 25 miles, which you will most likely be using a lot, unless you're just making small trips to the liquor store every day.

The solar powered motor bike comes in 3 different models The Beast, The Beast Deluxe, and The Beast Ultimate, which vary between smaller and larger batteries, stock and inverted shocks, a steel or alloy frame, and more. The Beast is currently in funding phase on Kickstarter so go reserve yours now, and be sure to check out the Beast in action via the video below. Check out more info on their website

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