Babykeeper Baby Wall Hanger

Date Published: 10/03/2013 6:01 AM

Babykeeper Baby Wall Hanger Enlarge Image

Nothing says I love you quite like hanging your baby on a public bathroom stall. The Babykeeper Basic is an infant carrier that your baby wears while you are out in public, and once you feel the need to blow some mud, just hang your baby onto the greasy public restroom stall wall and they can watch you as you struggle to pinch a few loaves. The babykeeper basic has 2 large metal hooks encased in a safetey webbing that you use to hang your child on the wall. The babykeeper is for babies that are 6-18 months old that can hold their own head up, is made from easy to clean nylon fabric, and when not being used to hang your child on walls, the babykeeper can restrain your child into a car seat, shopping cart, or moped.

Babykeeper Baby Wall Hanger Babykeeper Baby Wall Hanger Babykeeper Baby Wall Hanger

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