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  • Eye Shaped Stickers That Help You Sleep At Work

    Eye Shaped Stickers That Help You Sleep At Work

    You stayed up too late partying with fat hookers all night, you've just stumbled out of the strip club and it's 7:45am and you need to work at 8:00! You get to work but c...More

    Buy Now 05/07/2014 9:00 AM
  • Come In Go Away Ambigram Door Hanger

    Come In Go Away Ambigram Door Hanger

    The Ambigram Door Hanger is a door hanger that says 'Go Away' if placed one way, and if you turn it around it says 'Come In'. So depending on what you are doing inside the ...More

    Buy Now 03/12/2014 9:50 AM
  • Michelangelo's David Dirty Light Switch Plate

    Michelangelo's David Dirty Light Switch Plate

    This light switch plate has a design of Michelangelo's David on it which has the hole for the light switch positioned ever so perfectly so that you are turning David on a...More

    Buy Now 02/28/2014 8:29 AM
  • Filming Porn Quiet On The Set Door Hanger

    Filming Porn Quiet On The Set Door Hanger

    The filming porn door hanger is one of those hotel slides that you hang on your door when you are making sweet love and don't want to be disturbed by the hotel maids, but inst...More

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  • Sweet Cheeks Thong Bleacher Cushion

    Sweet Cheeks Thong Bleacher Cushion

    The Sweet Cheeks bleacher cushion is a novelty seat cushion that will both make your seat a whole lot softer to sit on, and make it look like you have a giant fat ass while we...More

    Buy Now 01/27/2014 3:25 AM
  • Face and Butt 2 Sided Soap

    Face and Butt 2 Sided Soap

    The face and butt soap bar is a two sided bar of soap that has the word 'Face' printed on one side and 'Butt' printed on the other, so that when you are showering or bathing y...More

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  • Unique Gift
  • Toilet Target Stickers

    Toilet Target Stickers

    The PPShots toilet target stickers are adhesive photo protectors that let you place a picture of someone inside your toilet and use it for target practice while peeing or poop...More

    Buy Now 01/02/2014 9:32 AM
  • I Love Crack Whores Bumper Magnet

    I Love Crack Whores Bumper Magnet

    The I love crack whores bumper magnet is a bumper stick you can slap onto someones car without them knowing and show the world how much they love crack whores. The I love crac...More

    Buy Now 12/23/2013 10:22 AM
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    Odditymall is updated daily with a wide variety of unusual gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for children, and even gifts for cats or dogs.

  • White Castle Hamburger Scented Candle

    White Castle Hamburger Scented Candle

    There's nothing quite like taking a drunken trip to White Castle at 3 in the morning, walking through the drive-thru and ordering a crave-case that contains 30 hamburgers for ...More

    Buy Now 12/17/2013 6:22 AM
  • Muscular Arm Boyfriend Pillow

    Muscular Arm Boyfriend Pillow

    Sick of the puny arms of your regular fake boyfriend pillow? The muscular arm boyfriend pillow will protect you from everything your other fake boyfriend pillow could not, inc...More

    Buy Now 10/28/2013 10:03 AM
  • Toilet Putting Green

    Toilet Putting Green

    Avid golfers feel they need to practice every moment of their awakened life, unless they also listen to informative golf lesson tapes while they sleep, so while pooping they w...More

    Buy Now 09/19/2013 2:02 PM
  • Poo-Pourri Pre-Pooping Toilet Spray

    Poo-Pourri Pre-Pooping Toilet Spray

    Poo-Pourri is a bathroom spray that you actually spray into the toilet before you poop so that when your dumpings splash into the water, instead of the smell of death filling ...More

    Buy Now 09/17/2013 6:01 AM
  • Mustache Push Pins

    Mustache Push Pins

    The mustache push pins are push pins you can use on your bulletin board and keep up pictures of your friends, foes, or family, and give them a mustache at the same time. What ...More

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  • I'm A Twat Coffee Mug

    I'm A Twat Coffee Mug

    The I'm a Twat Mug is a coffee mug with the words "I'm a Twat" printed on the bottom of it so that when the victim takes a sip, everyone can see the words in big black bold te...More

    Buy Now 07/17/2013 2:01 PM
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  • Steak Wrapping Paper

    Steak Wrapping Paper

    The Steak Wrapping Paper Set is a set of wrapping paper that after being wrapped, your gift will resemble a juicy steak straight from the butcher. Giftcouture, also the makers...More

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    We feature gift ideas that have a focus on being out-of-the-ordinary, having amazing product design, have a dual-purpose, or just being really odd or unusual.

  • Backwards Wall Clock

    Backwards Wall Clock

    The Backwards wall clock is a clock that has backwards numbers on it and it's hands move counter clock-wise. The backwards wall clock is great to just put on your wall and wat...More

    Buy Now 07/13/2013 2:01 AM
  • Donkey Ass Cigarette Dispenser

    Donkey Ass Cigarette Dispenser

    Great for smokers ages 8 and up, the Donkey Cigarette Dispenser will hold on to your smokes for you until you dispense one from the balloon knot of the donkey. Just push down ...More

    Buy Now 07/11/2013 2:01 AM
  • Nose Body Wash Dispenser

    Nose Body Wash Dispenser

    The nose shower gel dispenser gives you a handful of shower gel or body wash whenever you push on the side of the nose, and easily attaches to your shower wall or bathroom mir...More

    Buy Now 05/21/2013 7:09 PM
  • Drumstick Pencils

    Drumstick Pencils

    Perfect for the drummer in the family or anyone who really likes to annoy people, the drumstick pencil is a regular pencil on one side, and shaped like a drumstick on the othe...More

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  • Giant Fatty Granny Underwear

    Giant Fatty Granny Underwear

    Yo mama so fat... that these are her underwear... It's late... The Big Mama Undies measure in at fat x fat, and would be a great prank to use for a groom taking off his brides...More

    Buy Now 05/06/2013 10:53 AM
  • Send Animal Shit In The Mail

    Send Animal Shit In The Mail

    Choose between cow, elephant, or gorilla shit that comes in 1 quart or 1 gallon sizes to send to someone through the mail as a gag gift. Got fired? Send your old boss a box of...More

    Buy Now 04/24/2013 10:41 PM
  • Poop Soap

    Poop Soap

    Why use a regular, white, clean, bar of soap, that maybe has a hair on it, when you can grasp your filthy hands around a piece of poop with some corn in it. This is a real bar...More

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